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As you can notice, I added another page called Inspirations;).

It’s just basically made up of all these super cute adorable quotes/images I found while probably procrastinating on some big project or something (See? Procrastination leads to good things) Anyway, check it out!!! I hope you really like them, and if you’re in a bad mood hopefully some will make you feel better;D.


“Wander” Updated

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Took me a while, but I finally added onto Wander.

Enjoy! 🙂

Wander: Updated

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I added some more onto Wander, to check it out go to the Wander page, not that difficult right? Haha hope you like it 🙂


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hmmmm this might actually turn in to something, I was on oneword and got “wander”. This is what I thought up..

Wander; wandering aimlessly through the street looking for a safe place to hide. They’re going to find me any minute now, surely they have to be getting closer. I’m running now, running along the dark, desolate, cobble-stoned street looking for any nook or cranny to fit myself into. Turning into a shabby alley, I’m lost for a second. For that split second in time I forget everything, I forget why I’m running, forget why and how I ended up in this shady, dead end town that stinks of lies and deceit, for that precious second, I just stand there. Then everything comes crashing down so hard black spots start to appear my peripheral vision. Images, sounds, feelings; Eric’s body, the gun, the betrayal; they all blend together. No, I can’t do this right now, can’t remember Eric. I have to focus on me, a skill I’m scarily good at; and just like that, I’m in Survival Mode.

Your Procrastination Destination ;)

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I figured out how to add links! It’s actually really simple… Anyway, here are all the websites I use to procrastinate (they are also the reason I finished writing my four page essay two periods before it was due) Enjoy! ❤


As mentioned in a previous post, this is a sight that kick starts my brain and helps my writers block, hopefully it’ll help you too:)

Stumble Upon

I can literally spend hours on this site. All you have to do is either press “stumble”  or check off the categories that you’re most interested in and Stumble Upon provides hundreds of sites to procrastinate on 🙂

Dear Girls Above Me

This is a guy who blogs about two stupid (for lack of a better word; not to be mean thought) and naive girls that live in the apartment above him.


Edit your photos here! 🙂

F My Life

Had a bad day and think your life sucks? Click here to read about other peoples’ horrible and embarrassing situations. It’ll make you feel better too 😉

We Heart It

This is one of my favorite sites, it’s basically where people can post inspiring images. If you make an account you can “heart” your favorite images/photos and save them on your account. If your like me and you love to spend a lot of time decorating and re-decorating, you can do what I did. It’s something like a vision board with a creative twist to it. First decide on a word or symbol; I used “Life”. Then I took my favorite images from We Heart It, printed, cut out, and pasted them into my word. It took me hours to do but it was definitely worth the effort 🙂

Sketch Swap

Dear Blank Please Blank

My Life Is Average

***As a sidenote, I’m not responsible if your grades suddenly decide to walk the plank and go sleep with the fishes 😀

******If anybody has any sites they would like to contribute feel free to comment! 🙂


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This thing, blog I mean, is getting very frustrating. I can’t even figure out how to add a simple link, seriously? It shouldn’t be that hard but apparently it is.  As another sidenote, what’s the difference between a page and a category? I’m convinced that the people behind WordPress made this harder than it needs to be just so they can sit back and watch us struggle.

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