hmmmm this might actually turn in to something, I was on oneword and got “wander”. This is what I thought up..

Wander; wandering aimlessly through the street looking for a safe place to hide. They’re going to find me any minute now, surely they have to be getting closer. I’m running now, running along the dark, desolate, cobble-stoned street looking for any nook or cranny to fit myself into. Turning into a shabby alley, I’m lost for a second. For that split second in time I forget everything, I forget why I’m running, forget why and how I ended up in this shady, dead end town that stinks of lies and deceit, for that precious second, I just stand there. Then everything comes crashing down so hard black spots start to appear my peripheral vision. Images, sounds, feelings; Eric’s body, the gun, the betrayal; they all blend together. No, I can’t do this right now, can’t remember Eric. I have to focus on me, a skill I’m scarily good at; and just like that, I’m in Survival Mode.

~ by alinarose17 on March 14, 2011.

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